Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monika Forsberg

Hi there. Im Monika, one quarter of the Cloverly Art Collective.
I  joined forces with Jennifer, Kristen and Lyndy a while back and slowly we've been forming into what we will become, what we are: The Cloverly Art Collective.

This past week I divided my time between making coffees at the coffee shop where I work, settling my  youngest son into nursery, and working on two different illustration commissions. After a very hectic summer with very little breathing space I found that my art was taking a dive and I've been struggling a little until a couple of days ago when I found my mojo again. That place where you lose track of time and space.

The pictures above are sketches from the Green Market spinner game I've been working on for the amazing people at Eeboo.


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