Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse in Hampstead and an early Valentine

Hi there. It's a bright November Autumn day here in London. I believe I am the only Clover leaf in the Cloverly Art Collective awake right now as it's very early in America where Jen and Kristen live and very late over in Australia which is the home of Lyndy. 
Yesterday I spent in hospital with my son having his broken arm get a new plaster cast. We spent the time there mostly thinking of ways to escape/defend ourselves if the Royal Free Hospital suddenly would get invaded by Zombies.
And then I drew 7 valentines cards that'll be in the shops in February. I can't reveal them to you yet but below is a favourite quote of mine (well I didn't say/write it...Henry Kissinger did) which is kind of Valentine-ish.
Speak to you all soon

Love Mon

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